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CYPE and pirate software

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Reasons to use pirate software

The main reason any user may have to use pirate software is essentially because its cost lies well below what it would be if it were to be bought legally. Other reasons include that it gives users a chance to learn to manage it without having to acquire it, and know in advance whether the program will meet their expectations before legally purchasing it.

Disadvantages of using pirate software

Absence of technical support

Putting aside the moral implications on the use of pirate software, which each person values to a greater or lesser extent, there are also objective disadvantages. Pirate software users do not have access to personalised support to help them know, from the hands of an expert, how to manage the program and solve any problems that may arise.

The performance of technical programs increases substantially with technical support, such as that provided free of cost by CYPE to its legal users. Therefore, by using a pirate version of our programs to see whether or not they satisfy the needs that have to be covered, without contemplating the technical support factor, can lead to a wrong decision.

Reliability of the pirate software

People who achieve to crack a program to then pirate it (crackers) have to break or modify the program code to ensure that during its operation, the security measures that prevent access to illegal users are overlooked. This is achieved using a crack file.

There are no guarantees that the pirate software will operate correctly. Modifying the code can cause faults in the program and, if so, the work that has been carried out will be irretrievably lost. Although it could be worse: when the code is altered, it is possible that the design processes of the programs could be affected and incorrect results be provided. This could pass unnoticed by the professional who uses the crack.

There will be crackers who do a better or worse job at cracking the program, but ultimately, the users of the pirate software will have to trust the reliability of its results to the "professionalism" of those people who, within their illegality, hardly have quality controls to ensure the reliability of the pirate software.

Possibility of virus infection

The distribution of a crack can also have the aim to spread computer viruses. Therefore it is possible that by installing pirate programs, computers may become infected by viruses, consequently damaging all their contents.

Solutions offered by CYPE

Complete program versions with free access

CYPE allows anyone who wishes to freely access all CYPE software to do so with the Evaluation version, which allows free use of all of CYPE software for 10 days, not necessarily consecutive, during which users can evaluate all the options of the software.

The Campus version (especially designed to be used in university public networks which function under Eduroam1 -education roaming) and the Temporary license (especially designed to be used in academies, universities and other learning centres) are also available.

Free special versions or versions with a reduced price

CYPE has program versions available for students and limited versions of many of its programs at very accessible prices, which reduce the economic cost of those wishing to acquire our software.

Free technical support

To aid users with their work, professional licence holders of any country can contact CYPE’s Technical Support Department by telephone, fax or email.

Important discounts when acquiring additional licences

Acquiring more than one legal licence for the same program is expensive. So, CYPE offers the same licence owner, price reductions for further licences, which, depending on the discount scale, can reach up to 50%.


To summarise, when CYPE software is bought legally, users do not just acquire a software tool, but also security and competent solutions to any problems or questions which may arise.


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